Ministry of Health of the People's Republicof China
State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China
State Food and Drug Administration P.R. China
Chinese Medical Association
Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Message from the President


  The founding of Chinese Hospital Association(referred to as CHA),a long expected exciting event by hospital administrators throughout the country,marks that Chinese hospitals have embarked onto the legal track for trade management.In marching forward to the significant goal of building up a harmonious society of socialism,Chinese Hospital Association,by giving a full play to the role of trade management,will continue to conduct researches on the theories and techniques of scientific management so as to sum-up experiences,carry forward the spirit and work hard to strive forward. Guided by the important thought of Three Represents,we will stick to our mission, to be dedicated to our obligations and active creation so as to promote hospital reform and development,continuing to make ever greater contributions. Chinese Hospital Association will be made a social organization that is of initiative,energetic,trailblazing,cohering and being supported by the trade,welcomed by the people and appreciated by the government.

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